Warning Signs – Irritation

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I want to bring to your attention a very unusual warning sign that creeps up in relationships; Irritation. Irritation is a good indicator of trouble because it is almost impossible to hide or fake, so the moment it rears its ugly head you know there are issues to tackle. Read more

Warning Signs – Memory Loss and Forgetfulness

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Today, on our series, “Warning Signs”, I bring you a new topic- Memory Loss and Forgetfulness.

Memory Loss and Forgetfulness are not things to be joked with as they may indicate possible symptoms of serious medical issues. In relationships, however, memory loss and forgetfulness are more likely to be warning signs of your partner losing interest, which in its own right is a serious issue.

Read more

Warning Signs: How to know if your man is losing interest.

Hello and welcome to my new series called “Warning Signs” where I will be sharing some pointers on how to be more aware and conscious of subtle signs that can help you avoid or repair real problems that haven’t exposed themselves yet.

In this post, I will be sharing some warning signs in relationships but focusing mainly on how to detect when your man is losing interest in you. Read more

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