Warning Signs – Memory Loss and Forgetfulness

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Today, on our series, “Warning Signs”, I bring you a new topic- Memory Loss and Forgetfulness.

Memory Loss and Forgetfulness are not things to be joked with as they may indicate possible symptoms of serious medical issues. In relationships, however, memory loss and forgetfulness are more likely to be warning signs of your partner losing interest, which in its own right is a serious issue.

How The Brain Works (According To Me)

brain filingOur brain has a way of storing an infinite amount of information but only a finite amount can be stored where easily accessible. Imagine that your brain is a big room with files arranged through its length and breadth with you sitting at a desk right in the middle. From your seat you have easy access to certain files, while the rest are out of arms reach. Therefore, logically, you put information you consider important close to you for easy access. This is, somewhat, how the brain works with memories and information.

What Does It Mean?

The moment your partner begins to forget basic information about you and your relationship, it can be a sign that your file has been replaced by another one he/she feels is more important. Now, you cannot immediately jump to conclusion on this because if your partner is a very busy person or going through a trying time, your file might have been replaced to make space for something else…….temporarily. If your partner forgets your wedding anniversary, you can even pardon, but if he forget your middle name, maiden name, date of birth, etc., then wahala dey.

How To Deal With A Forgetting Partner

If you suspect that your file is getting relegated to the back shelf, it is time to make some moves. Try and rekindle the romance in your relationship by engaging in activities that you both enjoyed when you were dating or newly wed. Try and cook more for your husband instead of buying take outs or letting the maid do the cooking, give your wife your ‘A’ game all the time and she will be too dizzy to think of anything else but you.

As always, these warning signs are a guide and should be taken as such. Every relationship is different and only the person wearing the shoe knows exactly where it pinches.

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4 thoughts on “Warning Signs – Memory Loss and Forgetfulness

  1. This is a fascinating write up, but would say that might not agree to some of them. Well, overall, It is a brilliant one.

    I think I would like people to take this line seriously “Memory Loss and Forgetfulness are not things to be joked with as they may indicate possible symptoms of serious medical issues”.

  2. Seye! stop being a stereotype! we all know memory loss is a serious issue but the writer is just thinking out of a box not as life threatening as you think.

  3. Okay Now! on a more serious note! It’s good to know that forgetting to say “happy anniversary” or “happy birthday” is not really a sign that I don’t love my wife. Now I can sleep easy and tell her it’s because II have selective memory. I used to feel guilty and ask myself that if a person is so important to you, why then do one forget important things about the person.
    My question now is that, how come I remember every “mushi-mushi” night we had, and every “kungfu” moves we made, but my wife seems not to remember things like this (makes me feel she didn’t enjoy the making of our movie). So, if she remembers dates and events perfectly (superior memory) how come she doesn’t remember the “making of our kunfu movies”?
    Please answer…

  4. This is a wonderful piece, i totally agree with the writer on the points she raised and the solutions. As an addition to the write up, most marriages are suffering because of the situation of the country, when there are so many bills to pay and the fund seems not to be coming. But above all, love conquers all, couples should learn to keep the mushi mushi (whatever osanda means, lol) going, keep the love going strong, maintain a good sex life and learn to forgive. Thumbs up Joyin!

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