Warning Signs: How to know if your man is losing interest.

Hello and welcome to my new series called “Warning Signs” where I will be sharing some pointers on how to be more aware and conscious of subtle signs that can help you avoid or repair real problems that haven’t exposed themselves yet.

In this post, I will be sharing some warning signs in relationships but focusing mainly on how to detect when your man is losing interest in you.

A lot of women are clueless when it comes to understanding men. So many relationships have ended because the woman didn’t identify the warning signs early enough or she identified and dismissed them. Early detection means quick action. By the time your’e done with these pointers, you will be able to identify the warning signs even before your man realizes what’s going on. Men will always lose interest, it is up to you to sense when this is happening, identify the source of the problem and counter it quickly and quietly.

In matters of love and attraction which are built on so many emotions, constant work has to be put in to ensure its longevity. Some people think Love is self sustaining but the truth is that Love wears off every couple weeks or months. Simple Fact is that you keep finding reasons to love the person you are with and that renews the emotion for a couple more weeks and so on and so forth.

A man can love a woman for 3 main reasons: Her Personality, His physical attraction towards her and Her social status.

I cannot stress how important it is to identify which of these three broad reasons applies to your relationship because it might also be the thing that will make him stop loving you. You can’t ask him directly like “honey why do you love me?” because you won’t get a direct answer (or a true one). Chances are he doesn’t even know exactly why he loves you. He just does.  The task of finding this out is yours and yours alone.

In most relationships, the men love their women for a combination of their personality and their sexual attraction to them. Social status is not as common but does exist.

So, dear ladies in relationships, ask yourselves these questions:

  • Why does my man love me?
  • Have I changed since we started dating?
  • Does he still love me?
  • Is he still attracted to me?

Tough questions I know but this knowledge is what could possibly lead to the redemption of your relationship/marriage.

I look forward to hearing from you so please take a minute to drop a comment below and share the article. I will be releasing a new article under this series every Monday.

Stay Blessed.


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10 thoughts on “Warning Signs: How to know if your man is losing interest.

  1. More hints please. What if we can’t still figure out why he loves us and as a result, we are not even sure of what to keep doing…….?

  2. When this comment becomes so much “Honey im sorry i have to work late today but you know i love you right”..heheheheheeehe

  3. Just to be the devil’s advocate on this one, it appears the woman has to be the one constantly working to keep the relationship, working her brain overtime to find out what makes the man love her. I think it’s a two way streak…if it’s meant to be, definitely it’s meant to be. I think both parties need to display the right attitude, the right temperament, their flaws, strengths and compatibility traits. That way if it’s going to work out it will. Its beyond chuku, chuku and excuses, unless both parties are not ready or committed. Lovely topic ms. Joyin…keep em coming.

  4. Men are intresting. When they withdraw it might not be because of you but rather challenges being faced. Its up to the lady to find the right time and right way to discuss it.

  5. A man’s mind allows a man to see “with” love, while a woman’s heart allows her to see “with” love, i personally feel that is the way we were all designed. However since its about “how a woman can detect when a man is losing interest” i will focus on the how the woman can detect this.
    Its tricky but will drop a few pointers apart from my “chuku-chuku” scenario.
    1. From a man’s point of view – women generally nag, but love helps a man to absorb all these without thinking about it. So when he starts getting tired of your talk and says you are complaining too about everything (then something is off).
    2. A man’s heart is always where his love is. So a man in love will always want to come home to you. If you are lucky to have a “touchy-touchy” relationship (like mine), the man will always want to cuddle or be cuddled. So when the cuddling to him feels like choking, then you are in serious wahala.
    3. I personally like to meet my wife with a kiss and complain when she forgets to leave the car without at least a peck. I have noticed that when I am pissed at something she did I always don’t feel like being pecked – so I think it’s always a pointer that something is wrong.
    4. I love gisting with my wife, and no matter how late I come home, she always has a gist or two which I actually enjoy and look forward to hearing. So when the late night gisting reduces then he is not happy about something.
    5. Love is a complicated issue, and I personally feel it can’t be totally understood. so this may not necessarily apply in all cases. However, I noticed that when I am pissed about something, I search for excuses to sleep on the couch (it’s done almost unconsciously).

    In all, a man that truly loves you will want the woman to know he is angry about something she did, but when the love is lost, a man is designed to react in 2 ways (a) pretend all is fine, out of respect for the woman, at this point he struggles with his conscience (b) blatantly shows his disgust for the woman, at this point “your life dey God hand” only prayer and humility can save you from what is coming!

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