A money conversation- Part 1

Hi, I am Monsur Lovelace. Remember me? If you do not please check out the “Monsur Lovelace Fiction and articles” on the blog e.g The Maze, Plain White, Loving The Right Way and so on.

Today, I would be writing a piece on Money. I hope you receive some insight from this post.

It certainly isn’t news what the current exchange rates are doing to the Nigerian economy. If anyone has had to visit the markets or stores lately I am certain they would be greeted by the remark ” the dollar is the cause” of price increase. Whilst I am certain most people would wonder what the dollar price has to do with the price of pepper and tomatoes. The answer to that question would be given another day. Read more

Thought II!!!

You wear the Make Up, the Make Up doesn’t wear You… Don’t Let anyone tell you that make up makes you look more beautiful…. It doesn’t, it brings out the beauty already in you.

If you have a different opinion, we would Love to Read about it.

Stay Fabulous




Thought 1…

The basic difference, in my opinion, between a Make Up Artist and You is your ability to use Google,  the makeup brush set, and think outside the box.

If you have a different opinion or you want to add to this thought….. You Are Welcome to leave a comment.

Stay Fabulous!


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