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Dear Readers,

Here’s the conclusion of the last post. If you have not read it, you can do so here.

Emotional attraction can be subtle or sudden, one minute you are just friends, the next minute you have taken the quantum leap of love. Her smile, his laugh, how she holds your hands, those words of encouragement…the little things that add up slowly and create loving feelings. The slow yet steady buildup of an emotional attraction, the feeling that you can give your all for him or her. Read more


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Most women do not stay in abusive relationships because they like being abused. It is, also, not true that only weak, helpless women are caught up in abusive relationships.  Many of the women who are involved in abusive relationships are strong, capable women, but over time have been weakened by domestic abuse. There are several reasons why a physically abused person will choose to remain in their relationships/marriage; Read more



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Ope has never been physically abusive with Seun, but he constantly puts her down, especially in front of their friends. He tells her she is fat and needs to lose weight. He constantly compares her with her female friends. Is this abuse?

Yes, this is abuse. To abuse is to treat a person or animal with cruelty or violence, repeatedly or regularly. Read more


Open doors - welcome, choice, opportunity concept

A door grants access to a person or thing. It is a simple mechanism that allows a person enter or exit a place, a situation, a mindset or in fact run for their lives (fire doors). A door can also be a restriction or prevent access to a place, a building or even a vehicle. Doors can be left fully or partially open or closed.

Read more

Why Do I Want to Get Married?

We live in an era where marriage is glorified (or is it wedding?). Marriage is a great institution and can only be survived when entered into for all the right reasons.

As a family member would say “Marriage is the only institution where you receive your certificate on admission.”

Marriage is not the 1-day or 2-day event where we wear our best clothes and make up, dance and look all shades of awesome. That is the wedding. The marriage starts right after the party. Read more

Customer Service and Satisfaction


Hello Readers,

Hope you are having a great week. Today’s post is about customer service and customer satisfaction.

What is Customer Service?

According to Wikipedia, customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.

Servicing a customer is an integral part of every purchase or transaction which involves interacting with a customer either internally or externally. It can usually last from a few seconds up to a couple of hours. So, if we all practice and experience it daily in almost everything we do, then why isn’t good customer service the norm? Read more

A money conversation- Part 1

Hi, I am Monsur Lovelace. Remember me? If you do not please check out the “Monsur Lovelace Fiction and articles” on the blog e.g The Maze, Plain White, Loving The Right Way and so on.

Today, I would be writing a piece on Money. I hope you receive some insight from this post.

It certainly isn’t news what the current exchange rates are doing to the Nigerian economy. If anyone has had to visit the markets or stores lately I am certain they would be greeted by the remark ” the dollar is the cause” of price increase. Whilst I am certain most people would wonder what the dollar price has to do with the price of pepper and tomatoes. The answer to that question would be given another day. Read more

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