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Credit: Google

Dear Readers,

Here’s the conclusion of the last post. If you have not read it, you can do so here.

Emotional attraction can be subtle or sudden, one minute you are just friends, the next minute you have taken the quantum leap of love. Her smile, his laugh, how she holds your hands, those words of encouragement…the little things that add up slowly and create loving feelings. The slow yet steady buildup of an emotional attraction, the feeling that you can give your all for him or her. Read more


“we belonged together” the perfect fit. Her gap tooth stared at me as she smiled and laughed, I was in love.

My heart beats slowly, a steady thud across my chest, each beat reminding me of my last break-up. Memories flood my mind as I recall the times we shared, the best times of my life. Never felt so much love and affection for a woman, she was kind, loving, patient amongst many other things…my kind of woman. Read more

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