Single Girls Diary – After The Break-Up

Ife was thinking; “Damn this heat! If not for the discomfort, I would have stayed in bed all day. This country makes it so hard to feel sorry for yourself”. It had been 3 weeks since the break up and she wasn’t having the best time grieving it. All she wanted to do was lay in bed and listen to songs she and Kunle used to enjoy together. “How does one move on after a three-year relationship?”, “When does this aching stop?”, “Why did he leave me?” she wondered as tears rolled down her eyes.

Sad days indeed for Ife, she unplugged her phone from the charger and deactivated the ultra saving mode. She plugged it in just before sleeping in hopes that electricity would be restored at some point in the night and she would wake up to a fully charged battery but of course there was more disappointment as she realized her battery only had 7% left. She tossed the phone on her sweat soaked pillow and decided to get on with her life. First things first, brush her teeth and then take a long, cold shower.

Feeling refreshed from her shower, Ife decided to wear something comfortable and go find some food. Jeans and a spaghetti top always looked good on her. She was a stunner at 5’6″ tall, athletic build and very well formed features……..front and back. Ife could get 5,000 likes on her Instagram for posting a no-make up, rolled out of bed selfie. She was, for lack of a better word, stunningly beautiful. She stared at herself in the large mirror on the wall as she brushed her hair and applied lip gloss, contemplating whether or not to use perfume. “perfume is for happy people” she said as she picked up her car keys and slammed the door behind her.

As she drove to the restaurant for brunch, Ife realized that it was time to stop feeling sorry for herself and begin to heal. She took her annual 20 day-leave right after the break up and now had only a week left to get it together before resuming work. She had considered travelling abroad for a much better and more comfortable pity party but damn the exchange rates and high ticket prices. Suddenly, memories of her last vacation in Dubai with Kunle crept into her mind and to her surprise; she smiled, then chuckled as she mouthed the words “Bastard, God is watching you”. She definitely felt used and abused, she had given him everything. The boy was even owing her money sef, not small money o! She had loaned him N2.5million to get his “now thriving” business started.

Ife pulled into the restaurant’s parking lot and then decided to use some perfume anyway, after all she was feeling a bit better after the drive and thankfully she had a bottle in her glove compartment. Couple sprays behind her ears and her wrists and she was ready. As she got down from her 2014 Kia Optima, and just as she was putting on her sun glasses, she heard someone call her name from the distance, she looked around and saw a familiar face. She couldn’t quite place him yet and she was racking her head as he walked towards her. He stretched out his hands and introduced himself as Chima, she looked at him with a blank face like “okay, Chima who and from where?’, he quickly added that he had met her a few months back at a work training program that held at a Hotel on the Island. Suddenly, she remembered the meeting and then smiled as she also recollected that he had left a positive impression on her.

“You look lovely Ife” he said as he somehow converted the initial handshake into a hug. “Thanks Chima, you looking nice too.”, “Are you here to eat in or you’re taking away?” Ife asked, as she gently pulled away from the hug and disengaged her hand from his. “Well”, he said,  “I was thinking of just picking up food but you look like you need some company, so if you do not mind, I will stay and eat with you”. Ife looked at him for a second as he was waiting eagerly for a response and as she started making her way towards the entrance of the restaurant, she said “To be honest, I won’t mind the company so please let’s eat”.

As ife sat down, she placed her phone face down on the table and picked up the menu which was on an android tablet, she scrolled through and decided to eat swallow, “I will have the pounded yam with egusi soup, beef and a bottle of Orijin,” she said, with a straight face as she handed the waiter the menu along with her phone and said “please charge this for me while I eat, thank you”. Chima ordered for some continental rice dish and water and then he faced Ife and asked, “What is up with you? There is something very different, you have this i-don’t-care attitude that I didn’t see when we first met”. Ife laughed and said “Mr Chima, so much has happened since we met, I will gist you if you want to hear”. Chima leaned back in his seat and replied “i am all ears.”

To be continued…

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