Warning Signs – Memory Loss and Forgetfulness

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I hope your week has been less stressful and fantastic despite the traffic everywhere in Lagos, poor light situation and ‘artificial fuel scarcity’. *big sigh*

Today, on our series, “Warning Signs”, I bring you a new topic- Memory Loss and Forgetfulness.

Memory Loss and Forgetfulness are not things to be joked with as they may indicate possible symptoms of serious medical issues. In relationships, however, memory loss and forgetfulness are more likely to be warning signs of your partner losing interest, which in its own right is a serious issue.

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A money conversation- Part 1

Hi, I am Monsur Lovelace. Remember me? If you do not please check out the “Monsur Lovelace Fiction and articles” on the blog e.g The Maze, Plain White, Loving The Right Way and so on.

Today, I would be writing a piece on Money. I hope you receive some insight from this post.

It certainly isn’t news what the current exchange rates are doing to the Nigerian economy. If anyone has had to visit the markets or stores lately I am certain they would be greeted by the remark ” the dollar is the cause” of price increase. Whilst I am certain most people would wonder what the dollar price has to do with the price of pepper and tomatoes. The answer to that question would be given another day. Read more

Warning Signs: How to know if your man is losing interest.

Hello and welcome to my new series called “Warning Signs” where I will be sharing some pointers on how to be more aware and conscious of subtle signs that can help you avoid or repair real problems that haven’t exposed themselves yet.

In this post, I will be sharing some warning signs in relationships but focusing mainly on how to detect when your man is losing interest in you. Read more



Helloooo People,

I’d like to introduce a movement to you-

The website is an avenue for you to rate your employers anonymously but professionally- past or present. The purpose of rating the employer is to ensure that employers become aware of what their employees think of them and seek to improve and also to help those who want to join these companies with information about their potential employers and what to expect. Read more

Let’s Play Catch up


I’m so sorry for being away for sooooo long.  Year 2014 has been filled with activities- I got a new job, I got married to my Mr Fantastic, work got crazier, being a wife is not fish and chips *cleans sweat*…  I’m grateful for 2014, it’s been a great year. I cannot thank GOD enough for everything.  I promise to make out time for you going forward.

So, here are photos from my Engagement- The Yoruba Traditional Wedding Ceremony in Nigeria (yaaaay)… Read more

A trip to Ibadan…


I hope your week is starting out great and this post meets you in good mood. Last weekend I was at Ibadan for a job.  It’s been a while I’ve been there.  It was an interesting and fun trip, you would think I was a family member- so much love.  I met great, friendly and funny people. I made new friends too and I have photos of the job for you- Make up and headgear for the Groom’s mum and sister and headgear for two other family members. Read more


“we belonged together” the perfect fit. Her gap tooth stared at me as she smiled and laughed, I was in love.

My heart beats slowly, a steady thud across my chest, each beat reminding me of my last break-up. Memories flood my mind as I recall the times we shared, the best times of my life. Never felt so much love and affection for a woman, she was kind, loving, patient amongst many other things…my kind of woman. Read more

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