Oyinda’s Message to You

Hi, my name is Oyindamola Adelesi and I have a message for you.

I wonder who I am, sometimes. I know I am a Vessel Unto Honor. I am a ‘wassap’ spiritual Lady, I don’t joke with the things of God, but at the same time I know what’s going on in the world. If you know what I mean (I’m not bad sha :D).

This morning I had a dream and this is the fourth time it is coming to me- different years, in different forms. But this last one got me weeping some minutes before 4am. It’s the rapture dream. I am writing about this because it felt so real. I didn’t make it to heaven because I was gossiping, I was chit chatting with my best ‘gbeborun’ partner when the trumpet sounded. It wasn’t anything serious; most girls do this, I’m sure. I never thought that would prevent me from making heaven.

… back to the dream…


I realised something was wrong when I heard the sound of the trumpet. At first, I thought it was an earth quake, then I realised it wasn’t, it was rapture. Immediately, I saw soldiers who were forming queues for us according to our status. I was on the first queue followed by my friend. The queue I was on was for those who loved Jesus so dearly but very little things caused them to be ‘left behind’, such as gossip like I said earlier, unforgiveness, secret sins, etc. After queuing us up, we were given money to open a particular end-time bank account and purchase water and food that would be sufficient for a certain period of time (I cannot remember, specifically, the length of the time). We all began struggling for the money. By the time I was able to get enough, the sellers were already running out of supplies, I could only get two sachets of pure water and very little ‘small chops’. Now, the problem was I had money but couldn’t purchase anything. Then I started to see a lot of familiar faces; pastors, family and friends were ‘left behind’. But my pastor made it to heaven- Pastor Wole Oladiyun. I remembered how passionate he was about getting as many people as possible to make heaven and how he urged us to partake in his vision, I looked for tears, I didn’t find. I began to wish I had another chance because it felt very real. In my dream, I told God, “If only I had another chance to make my ways perfect…”

Dear readers, I realise GOD gave me another chance and I am going to use it well. I am going to choose GOD above everything and I will be very selfish not to share this story and go to heaven alone. JESUS is so close, I know we have been hearing that since we were born but the end is closer than it was then, it is Here. I remember saying in the dream that “I wish I was married with kids and I had enjoyed life before HE came.” The end is closer than we think.

JESUS is Real. Please align your ways with His, so you would not be found wondering and wanting like I was in my dream.

Thank you for taking out time to read this, God bless you. Please share if this story touched you.  Also, if you wish to get in touch with Oyinda, you can email her on

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5 thoughts on “Oyinda’s Message to You

  1. It was good having you share dat with us and I pray that God will give us all the grace to amend our ways and be, at all times, ready for our Lord’s second coming in Jesus name.

  2. Hmm,food for thought.i have had a few dreams myself and they are usually focused on the little things that have become norms with us…those are the things that might prevent us from meeting with our maker.Examples are envy,gossiping,evil speaking about others,malice,jokes that are unwholesome,cheating in exams and my latest dream was about desiring the garlics and onions of ‘eygpt’,where or whatever God delivered you from.(For instance God delivered you out of prostitution but in your heart you still long for the attention and gifts from might even feel bad about not getting these things and you blame God for bringing salvation your way.Watch therefore and yield to his spirit cos just a longing for your past is a slap on your redemption.selah

  3. What will it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul? What a remarkable post! Honestly I have always known the fullness of Christ is upon you, may this light shine upon many through YOU IJN.

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