“we belonged together” the perfect fit. Her gap tooth stared at me as she smiled and laughed, I was in love.

My heart beats slowly, a steady thud across my chest, each beat reminding me of my last break-up. Memories flood my mind as I recall the times we shared, the best times of my life. Never felt so much love and affection for a woman, she was kind, loving, patient amongst many other things…my kind of woman.
I remember how we met, introduced by a mutual friend, Akinseye at a dinner party.  I asked her to dance with me, as I held her I just felt it, “we belonged together” the perfect fit. Her gap tooth stared at me as she smiled and laughed while we chatted, I was in love.

I walked her to the door, thinking of the fun evening, already seeing more dates ahead… until she casually mentioned, “My boyfriend is picking me”.  I had just been friend-zoned.  Pretending not to be in shock or sad, I smiled and asked where he was parked. Still making conversation as we walked to the car, she told me about her job. Interestingly, our companies were in the same advertising field, I calmly asked for her card as I shook hands with her man (my competition).

I was stunned, in two hours I had met the woman of my dreams and in less than fifteen minutes my dreams had come crashing down. Walking back to the party, Akin, my “introducer”, welcomed me and smiled, “You met her right” he sniggered. Every man’s dream but she’s taken, sipping a cold beer as he gave me Lola’s gist.

Reminiscing over the events of the day as I lay upon my bed, I saw her face in my mind’s eye, each moment we shared imprinted on my heart. I was falling for her but she was taken. The days went by and work slowly eroded the memories of her.

One sunny Sunday morning as I walked to my church car park after service, I saw a female figure that looked familiar. I hastened my steps and recognised her face, my heart missed a beat as I called her name. She smiled at me and gave me a hug, the warmth of her body flashed some memories of our first meeting through my mind.

Conversation flowed like we were old friends, I could feel the connection again. It was never lost, I told myself. As we approached the car park, she told me she was going to take a cab home. I insisted I drop her at home and she agreed, my lucky day as I smiled silently.

As I parked in front of her house, I opened the door to the passenger’s seat  for her and said, “At your service Mademoiselle”. She smiled and responded, “Oui Monsieur”. It was perfect, I wasn’t imagining, this was the woman I had dreamed of all my life. She mentioned we should do this again, I told her I would check my calendar, maybe we could hang-out on Friday night. In two words, she responded, “Call Me”.

I felt like I had just won the lottery, driving home as I sang along to Whitney Houston’s – I Have Nothing. Friday came and we had the time of our lives, from dinner to karaoke to clubbing. It was the beginning of many more dates and good times together. I was feeling like “The Man” although I knew she had a man. I felt I could steal her heart, take her from her man.

Three months later, we were at the cinemas trying to catch the movie, Oblivion. I heard someone call my name, I turned and saw Akin and his wife. He took me aside as his wife and my “friend” chatted away. “I’m warning you, this woman is trouble”, he said. He told me to leave her as her Man had told him they were making wedding arrangements.

I refused to listen to him and kept on living in denial, “I can do this…she will leave him…at least she has no ring on”, I told myself.   As we kissed goodnight, I told her, “I love you”, she smiled and kissed me back. I was in love.

Three days later, I travelled to the UK for two weeks on official duty.  She drove me to the airport and we held hands like long-lost lovers. No emotions were held back as she cried and told me how much she would miss me. I held her close but she kept shedding heavy tears, staining my shirt with her make-up. Consoling her was in vain as she kept crying.

A long two weeks awaited me, endless calls to her phone were unanswered as I tried over and over again. The wait finally ended, I was on the plane back home, I had missed her. I called her as I stepped into my home, and this time, her number was unreachable.

Picking my car keys from the table, I drove to her house first thing in the morning; hoping to catch her before she left for work. As I knocked on the gate, the watchman answered, I asked him to let me in. He opened the gate and smiled, “Oga, she no dey again”. I stared in shock as I couldn’t see her car.

He went into his room and brought an envelope addressed in my name, telling me as I stood shocked, “She don marry travel abroad”. I stared in disbelief, my heart sank as I walked back to my car and drove home. Tears welling up in my eyes as I read the letter, empty words of how I’ll always be loved.

Black Man Crying

It’s been over a year and I still remember the times we shared, the hugs, the conversation, the way she made me feel. I heard she now has a set of twins, I’m still single…still in pain and still writing my story.

Monsur Lovelace!!!

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  1. Lmfaooooooooooo :'( #Memories…..Something similar happened to me. Much love shared until shawty relocated to another country. I wan die!!!

  2. Which kind life u dey live sef…….u supposed go moments with Mo’ go tell ur story make the babe watch am laugh u……..

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