Insecurities in Relationships/Marriage

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Today’s topic is about insecurities in relationships.

I believe that insecurities happen as a result of a lack of trust. It may be from past experience or from your current partner’s actions.

Trust, just like Love and Forgiveness, is everything in a relationship. Once it’s gone, you both become miserable.

The one with the trust issues becomes a detective, the other becomes uncomfortable. Every action taken by the other partner is questioned by the insecure partner.

I believe that for every relationship, be it friendship, business relationship or romantic relationship, once trust is lost, it will take lots of years to regain the trust and it may not even be complete. Trying to gain the trust back becomes an everyday task. You cannot afford to lose patience.

That’s why it is easier when the trust is intact and not broken at all.

The partner with insecurity issues is at risk of going insane tracking the other’s movements and worrying about whether they are currently being cheated on, when they could spend their time making money.

Insecurities result in an unhealthy relationship. A relationship filled with distrust  may result in a toxic relationship.

  • Toxic-RelationshipsA toxic relationship is a relationship that is physically and emotionally harmful to both partners.How Do You Know You Are Being Insecure?
  • When you become a detective. You check your partner’s phones, belongings, you want to know who he/she is talking to or who he/she is friends with, etc.
  • When he/she is out, all you can think about is who they may be talking to or where they may be.The list is not exhaustive.How Do We Avoid Insecurities In A Relationship?
  • By being faithful partners. Once you know you cannot stay faithful to your partner, break it off so you do not make your partner go insane.
  • If you find out that you are becoming distrusting and insecure, the earlier you end the relationship, the better for you. As it may not just affect your current relationship, but future relationships too.Being insecure is unhealthy.  Do yourself a favor and move on once you notice you have lost the trust you had in your partner.
    Once you start exhibiting these signs and you decide to stay, you are only postponing the inevitable. Now, this may only be applicable to unmarried couples.For married couples, it is not that easy. You cannot just walk away. You will need to take your mind off your partner and focus on you. Focus on your happiness and taking care of your kids (if you have them). Channel all the energy to making yourself a better person. You cannot change what your partner has done to you but you can determine how you respond to the situation.

    See a counselor, a professional, if you need someone to talk to.

    I would love to read from those who have experienced this and how they overcame. It would help others who are currently dealing with this. Sharing is caring!

    Cheers! 🙂

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  1. Lovely piece as usual. Some people have insecurities even when their partner isn’t doing anything to trigger it. I guess its the ‘too good to be true’ feeling that makes them feel this way.

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