Yaaaay!! This is it

Make up Artist- Joyin

Designer- Souza; Make Up Artist- Joyin

Designer- Souza; Make Up Artist-Joyin Designer-Souza; Make Up Artist- Joyin

Okay, So, I have new pictures. A clearer version of the others. Thanks to RawLicks… She’s a good 1…. The Next Best Photographer waiting to happen…..yaaay!! Although there’s still a but…U see More of the Clothes than the Make Up itself. That’s why it’s called a fashion show. They are not showcasing my Make Up, but their Designs.

Watch out for My Photo Shoot!!! May, 2011…

Here Begins Everything!!!

My First Official Jobs, yeah Jobs because there were 2 of them, was on Sunday, April 3rd. Yaayyy!!!

The first one was for a Beautiful woman who was being honored for being the first Female Actuarial Scientist in Nigeria (I hope I’m right about that info) at Golden Gate, Ikoyi.  The second was for a Fashion Show at XL Lounge, Orange Cultureand IamIsigo. Yeah Baby, that’s what i said, Orange Culture…. Pictures Coming Soon…

Very Unprofessional of me not to have my photos. I’m sorry guys, no time. It was a Blessed Crazy day. A whole new side of the world of Make Up I didn’t know about. Rest Assured, I’d Upload the Photos when they become available for viewing.

Tew Much Love, Xoxo!!!

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