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A door grants access to a person or thing. It is a simple mechanism that allows a person enter or exit a place, a situation, a mindset or in fact run for their lives (fire doors). A door can also be a restriction or prevent access to a place, a building or even a vehicle. Doors can be left fully or partially open or closed.

It is amazing how we use doors in buildings and vehicles to prevent or allow access to things of value. Every bank has a vault and vault doors. Hence, doors can be used to protect things we deem valuable.

What’s more important is that we have doors in our lives. These doors all lead to our mind, which is the center of our thoughts, belief systems and the driving force behind our actions. Most of the things we have allowed into our minds have come through the doors we allow open, ranging from the good to the bad. It is important to note that the things we have allowed in have formed the foundation that drive most of our actions.

The doors in our lives, through which information enters into or exits our minds and thoughts which in turn forms our beliefs and values, are our Mouth (speaking), Ears (listening) and Eyes (seeing).

This is definitely the most commonly used form of communication. Most people use words to direct their thoughts, feelings and intentions. Words are seeds that grow into trees or weeds. In other words, they have an effect on our minds. They can either open or close doors to possibilities. They can make or mar us.

The words we speak are often generated from our personal belief system or the inner workings of our minds. They indicate how we think, how we form our thoughts and how we see ourselves. Ever wondered what makes a “pessimist a pessimist”, it is the words he/she speaks that grants the tag. Words can define you and classify you according to what you have been saying.

The words we speak are a matter of choice. No one can be forced into seeing things they don’t believe exist. Life is ultimately a matter of choice. The choice to use limiting words will result in a life lived within the walls of limits. The alternate option of unlimited and positive words will give rise to a life of endless possibilities. We are often products of the words we speak.

This is one very important skill that is quite often overlooked by people. It is the quickest way to receive information but the question is, What happens after the information is received?

I believe that every time information is received, a picture is painted in our minds. Words may be spoken into our ears but our minds translate them into pictures. The mind uses pictures, while the ear uses words.

Every time we hear a word, whether positive or negative, it enhances or reduces how we feel about ourselves. The pictures of possibility or impossibility are imprinted upon our hearts and we begin to believe those pictures. Our thoughts, words and actions start to fall in line with those pictures.

One of the doors to our progression or regression is through the ears. It is quite often the most difficult to control as words are constantly being streamed daily like a radio on full blast. Hence, since it is difficult to control what we hear, we can regulate the words by choosing to stay around positivity consistently or as regularly as possible.

Most people look but how often do we see? The interpretation of what we look at is done in our minds, we look at current circumstances and think things will always remain the same. We need to open the doors of possibility in our minds.

To foresee a situation will require a very flexible mind one which can bend metal with thought. Opening that door requires asking the life changing question, “What If?”. Of course not all what ifs will occur and some will certainly seem unreasonable like what if the sky should fall? “Cc: Chicken Little”.

We will need to open our minds to the endless possibilities and create plans of action for those possibilities. It is a pretty difficult thing as most people are change resistant and love the humdrum of continuity.

Unfortunately, the world keeps evolving at a pace so rapid that it will take decades for a nation like Nigeria to catch up with the developed world. The next question is, “What about you?”. Which doors have you shut that have prevented you from seeing the possibilities that exist.

Knock Knock
Doors will always remain doors, with the ability to be opened from inside or outside. A person, a thought, a word or an idea will always come around looking for an open door.

Knock Knock!


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