Colours of May…

  The Fashion Look!

 Model- ‘Tayo Oladinni


     Model- Ehize Iyore

    Hair by Dami Adetu

Here goes the Bride…

    Model- ‘Wendu Onyia

Hair by Dami Adetu

      The Engagement Look 

        Model- ‘Latunde Akinbote

 Photographer- Rolake

Creativity by Joyin + Makeovers!

The pictures from my photoshoot are out (yaay!!). I’m so glad!

I Love all the looks. I emphasized more on Fashion Make up because that’s where I specialize, the creativity comes to me naturally. I’m so in love with the fashion looks. By the way, in the world of  make up,  Fashion and AvantGarde mean the same thing.

About 'Joyin

‘Joyin is an experienced Professional Accountant. She loves her career as an accountant and hopes to improve the accounting profession with values such as Integrity and Objectivity. She trained as a professional make up artist at House of Tara, International. 'Joyin is also a wife to a fantastic man. This blog is a lifestyle blog which features Life Stories, Fictional stories, articles about make up and other topics that are of interest. Contributions from other writers and bloggers are welcome, as well. If you would like to contribute to this cause by sharing some useful articles, advice and tips, please mail mojoyin[at]arewa-ng[dot]com ‘Joyin looks forward to reading from you.

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  1. wow, i support @flakky, u re really going global o,notin du u, keep up the good work. by the time i wanna get married, i wil contact u to give ma baby some nice touches

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