Changing Places

It’s amazing how we seek change, the dreams of a new status (single ladies hands up), the dream job, more money…and the list goes on. Change is constant as very few things in life remain the same. Change is necessary; a mark of growth and a sign of progress.

The question is not “will change happen” or “when will change happen” the true question is “are we ready for change”. The present is the best place to prepare for the future. Dreams of a better place without adequate preparation will often produce a poor performance. As those wise people say, “opportunity meets preparation”.

Thanks Google
Thanks Google

Hoping on a new job? What am I learning on my current job? What’s my attitude towards my current responsibilities? How involved am I with team tasks? Am I often critical of my organisation yet failing to proffer new ideas or solutions?

Holding out for a fresh relationship? How did the last one improve me? What qualities do I need to imbibe for this one to last a lifetime? How do I add value to the new one?

Are you ready for it?
Are you ready for it?


Your current situation is the perfect place to get ready for change. It is where we soul-search, ask deep questions, take on challenges

and develop our character. Every situation provides an avenue for growth. The tasks you hate, the trainings you coordinate, the cooking that damages your nails, the homework for your nephews…the list is endless.

The often irritating and annoying tasks are often the ones that offer great rewards. We meet them because we need them, they arrive for our benefit, for our growth. Change will happen.

Monsur Lovelace!

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