A trip to Ibadan…


I hope your week is starting out great and this post meets you in good mood. Last weekend I was at Ibadan for a job.  It’s been a while I’ve been there.  It was an interesting and fun trip, you would think I was a family member- so much love.  I met great, friendly and funny people. I made new friends too and I have photos of the job for you- Make up and headgear for the Groom’s mum and sister and headgear for two other family members. Read more

An ‘Introduction’ Make Up

Hi People, I’m sorry I haven’t been consistent with blogging on here. The hustle is real, *sigh*; I thought NYSC was a struggle till I entered the job market.  After working for 6 months and attending a course for another 3 months, I found myself back in the job market.  Anyways, enough of the talk, I’m going to be putting up photos of some make up jobs I’ve done lately. Read more

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