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Attraction is a very powerful force, something that cannot always be fully understood, yet I will attempt to simplify it. It can bring together and, yet, it can separate. It brings about obvious results, that tingling sensation, the impulsive smile, the talkative persona…indicators of attraction.

Physical attraction is obviously the commonest form of attraction and the one most easily reckoned with. The eyes represent how quickly we see the world and the mind reads each image as pleasing or otherwise. A beautiful person or object draws our attention as quickly as we blink and we gravitate towards them. A shiny red sports car, a curvy woman, a well toned muscled man, and so on. Each image bears the pleasant hallmark of beauty, and that is something we would love to associate with.

Physical attraction represents what is seen on the outside and a true con, who understands what people are drawn to, can use that to his or her advantage. It is absolutely normal to be physically attracted to people and things as our eyes open the doors for the mind. The mind will then interpret the person or object observed and decide whether or not to act on it.

In understanding this, we must now decide if physical attraction is the most important or if there is something else. Does physical attraction represent the highest form of attraction? I’m certain for some males the answer might be a resounding YES or among some groups of women who may say, “I like a TDH (tall, dark and handsome) man.”

Mental attraction might sound nerdy but it is very real and powerful. It is a connection between minds, ideas, finishing off statements, et al.  It is sharing a thought-connection. It goes beyond what is being seen, it is a MIND CONNECTION. If you ever wondered why certain groups of people stay bonded, you have your answer.

Photo Credit: Google
Photo Credit: Google

It is key to understand that everyone is different based on upbringing, experiences, ideals, value systems, beliefs and the like but one ignored similarity is how our minds work. Some minds tend to work in tandem and are attuned to similar frequencies, hence allowing us to interpret the same situation in an identical manner.

Mental attraction also works for people with higher intelligence quotient (IQ), as they tend to attract people to themselves based on intelligence. People tend to want to listen and learn from those with more information than them. They will automatically gravitate towards intelligent people.

When sentences like, “We are connected.” or “Our minds are in sync.” are being used; it is quite possible a mental attraction is at play. It makes it very easy to get along provided egos are kept in check and humility is the order of the day. It is indeed quite powerful and can form the foundation of lasting relationships.

To be continued…

Monsur Lovelace 🙂

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