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Dear Readers,

Here’s the conclusion of the last post. If you have not read it, you can do so here.

Emotional attraction can be subtle or sudden, one minute you are just friends, the next minute you have taken the quantum leap of love. Her smile, his laugh, how she holds your hands, those words of encouragement…the little things that add up slowly and create loving feelings. The slow yet steady buildup of an emotional attraction, the feeling that you can give your all for him or her.

Emotional attraction is sometimes uncontrollable and is not always easy to hide or manage. It often grows and you might be totally unaware of its presence until you find yourself doing things people in love do.

In some circumstances, most men love to play hero (blame the comic books) and this causes them to find a damsel in distress to rescue. In pursuit of this, they often end up developing emotions for the lady regardless of their personal circumstances. Most times they are totally unaware that there’s an emotional attraction at play until it is too late. The lady might have the same feelings or might be clueless as to where his feelings came from.

Being aware of your emotions and that of other people’s might be a basic definition of emotional intelligence but it is absolutely crucial in understanding and managing emotional attraction. Emotionally stable people tend to make better decisions and that is usually after they understand their own feelings.

Attraction may be beyond the three concepts examined and we may be dealing with other factors such as Cupid, pheromones, love bugs, money, the Universe…who knows what else?

Gender groups (male and female) tend to gravitate towards either physical and emotional forms of attraction. Men, often times, tend towards physical attraction whilst women are often for emotional attraction. In my research, most relationships have a base form of attraction but the best relationships combine all three.

Love is probably the strongest emotion in the world, it has started wars, ended them and even turned the strongest of men into cowards. Love is a foundational emotion and without it the world would be a cold, dark place.

Monsur Lovelace 🙂

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